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I think you guys knew it was only a matter of time before this album came up. I have some fond memories with this album, and I belive it's an album every metal fan should give a fair chance. Let me explain.

I actually remember when this first came out in 2008, and I didn't like it. It wasn't really heavy, like The Cleansing. I remember actually reading an interview with the guitarist, and he said all the parts on the album were played in Drop-D or D standard, on 6-string guitars. But what they lacked in "low heaviness", they more than made up for with symphonic arrangements and riffing.

Too many deathcore bands try and just chug the low 7th string in breakdowns, and henceforth, people dismiss the genre as not musically talented. Fair enough. Winds of Plague aren't one of those bands. After sitting down for a while and giving this album a fair chance, it grew on me more and more. I really loved the symphonic element of the keyboards, and the "middle-eastern" sound of the riffs versus your standard minor scale. They really tried to go for that samurai-ish image, and I felt they suceeded. Listen to the opening riffs of "Origins and Endings". The pentatonic scale is featured frequently, and the breakdowns are very groove-oriented as opposed to changing the time signature.

Of course, when they aren't doing the pentatonic-riffing, there are a couple of those famous, get-really-slow-and-heavy breakdowns. They're only thrown in at a couple choice incidents in the songs, which make them sound all the heavier as opposed to hearing one every 10 seconds. "Anthems of Apocalypse" has a pretty decend melodic-y opening sequence, reminiscent of the template As Blood Runs Black presented a couple years prior. It actually features a decent solo for more than 2 measures, and then finally hits the breakdown after an excellent build up around the 1:55 mark. This isn't Emmure, or the Acacia Strain, where the entire song is built around breakdowns. They're thrown in strategically, and make sense in their context. Perhaps the most famous example of this is in "The Impaler" (a fucking great song to me to this day), around the 1:45 mark. The song is pretty much one epic build up to that breakdown. And the lyrics are just catchy as hell, all about epic battles and conquering nations and killing lords and commanders and eviscerating enemy soldiers... lyrical porn for my Lord-of-the-Rings-worshipping high school self.

And if you still don't like this album, just throw on "Decimate the Weak". The opening minute of that song tears my face off every time. It's very much rooted in the "death" part of deathcore. Even around the 1:15 part, you can hear an obvious hardcore influence, which I really dig.

This album isn't higher for me because, again, I feel like there are some boring filler songs on it, which is a shame. When WoP get's it right here, they absolutely destroy, blending riff-> breakdown -> riff together in a successful, cohesive, and especially symphonic way. Their sound here is unique, and yet to be truly imitated, a feat that not many other deathcore bands can say.

Notable Examples:

Origins and Endings
The Impaler
Decimate the Weak
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