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BrutalDescent knows me too well. Or maybe I gave it away with the No Pity reference? Here is why I like this band, so you guys can get a glimpse inside my mind.

This album kind of epitomizes what I loved about deathcore, and still do- it's short, it's fast, it's low, and it's heavy. No real technicality or solos, no nice pampered production. Suicide Silence is probably the best deathcore band out there to create a punk-like atmosphere: they grab their instruments, and literally bang the shit out of them for 3 minutes, where the only goal in mind is to create as much dissonant noise as possible. Kind of what drew me to bands like Converge in the first place, but that's a whole different spectrum of "heavy" and "dissonant".

The production is what I love every time about this, too. It's not clean cut, technical death metal or metalcore. It's dirty. Almost sludge-like. They are just turning every knob up to 10, banging on the lowest string, and the result is muddy as fuck. The breakdowns are simple, and easy to listen to. It really helped change my musical opinions in 2007. I loved that pure heaviness and groove behind them. I still think they're very "metal" for the deathcore scene. Other than thin, tattooed Mitch Lucker (who hasn't even given into the scene-ness of gauges, thank Jesus), the rest of the band look like greasy, beta metalheads. No scene appeal whatsoever. It kind of epitomizes the mentality on this album, too: they don't give a fuck what people think of it, or how they will analyze it, or how they will receive their image. I don't think they've truly come to grips with the scene fans they have, anyway (Mitch always calls for people to circle pit and mosh at their shows as opposed to slamming). Their one mission is to create dirty, heavy songs filled with blastbeats and breakdowns, a feat which they achieved marvelously in my mind.

Of course, this album isn't without its flaws- you can tell it was poorly produced and written. Many of the songs drag on too long, and what should have been an 8 or 9 song slugfest turned into a 13 song snooze-fest. I rarely ever listen to the album beyond track 8, "Bludgeoned to Death". But the gems that stand out to me- "Unanswered", "The Price of Beauty", "The Fallen", "No Pity for a Coward", "The Disease", "Bludgeoned to Death"... all of them are perfect for mindlessly banging my head, preferably while running the treadmill. This album will always hold a special place for me because of that.

Notable tracks:
The Fallen
The Disease
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