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Didn't see that coming. Or maybe you did. In any case, here's my interesting backwards argument for this album:

For a long time, I hated Emmure. I remember watching one of their old videos, going, "why do all these guys dress like [insert accidental racist slip here]?" And I didn't dig the speak-then-scream vocal style of Thanos. Anyway, last year, I had a friend on facebook who kept telling me to listen to this album. I refused for a long time. A looooong time. Then after reading a hilarious metalsucks article about how ridiculous the lyrics are, I decided to give it a shot.

What I didn't expect was me liking it. Right from the opening breakdown of "Children of Cybertron", I found myself oddly intrigued. Why? After careful observation, meditation, and reflection, It's due to a couple reasons:

1.) Mindless groove breakdowns. Sometimes, that's all my ear wants to hear, and Emmure delivers that. Screw solos, technicality, and substance! I can't listen to Obscura all day, dammit!

2.) It's music for a specific mood. Mainly, for working out. I find this to be a great album to jog to; it's got that perfect balance of tempo and groove that keeps me going.

3.) I find it funny. From Transformers, to Street Fighter, to Alien Abductions, to "Drug Dealer Friend" where the only lyrics are I WANNA WATCH YOU SUCK HIS DICK... BITCH, it's got a certain charm to it for me. I don't know why. I don't take it seriously. But it's just fun for me to throw on once in a while.

Children of Cybertron
Drug Dealer Friend
Demons With Ryu

So do you guys agree with me, or do you AGREE with me???

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