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JD091's TOP DEATHCORE ALBUMS!!!1! (you're moshing)


10.) Emmure's Speaker For the Dead (page 2)
9.) Suicide Silence's The Cleansing (page 4)
8.) Winds of Plague's Decimate the Weak (page 8)
7.) Suicide Silence's No Time To Bleed (page 12)
6.) The Acacia Strain's The Dead Walk (page 14)
5.) The Contortionist's Exoplanet (page 16)
4.) The Red Chord's Fused Together in Revolving Doors (page 18)
3.) All Shall Perish's The Price of Existence (page 20)
2.) Whitechapel's The Somatic Defilement (page 21)
1.) The Acacia Strain's Wormwood (page 28)


I've been bored, and the more I look back, the more I realize that deathcore as a genre is dying. It's on its last legs. Most of you are probably rejoicing, and the rest who are ignorant to this fact are now rejoicing. It's the sad truth.

I remember back in 2006, the first time I discovered deathcore, and it changed the way I viewed metal. I was blissfully ignorant to its scene and reputation, and remember back when I enjoyed it just for its sound. Now, it's in its decline- Suicide Silence's and Winds of Plague's new records sucked, All Shall Perish, Job for a Cowboy, and Whitechapel are ditching all of their breakdowns, and all the kiddies want Crabcore/Sumeriancore/Djent.

So sit back, stretch your fingers, and begin the trolling against me! I want to see your unfettered, honest opinions about this music. If you secretly like it, reveal it. If you hate it, GIVE ME YOUR HATE! I find it hilarious, and will agree with most of your points.


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