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Originally Posted by the deathmetaler View Post
1. Oblivious to Evil
2. They Are the Children of the Underworld
3. Forever Hate You
4. Once Upon the Cross
5. The Pentecostal
6. Father Baker's
7. Blame It On God
8. When Satan Rules His World
9. Bastard of Christ
10. When Heaven Burns
11. Christ Denied
12. Blaspherereion
13. Slave to the Cross
14. Mad At God
15. Mephistopheles
16. Carnage In the Temple of the Damned
17. Lunatic of God's Creation
-encore #1-
18. Scars of the Crucifix
19. Sacrificial Suicide
-encore #2-
20. Deicide
21. Dead By Dawn

*Note - set with Hoffman's on guitar.*
You have an entire Hoffman based set and you have nothing from Legion? Fail.
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