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Outlaw Jam -- Frederick, MD -- July 31st, 2011

I went up to see KIX at OUTLAW JAM up in Frederick, MD with my buddy and his dad and cousin. A lighter show...

I got a GA ticket at the gate (well a scalper) for $30.

I got there early and caught the last half of Black Stone Cherry. I don't recall exactly what they played (except for one song) but they sounded better than I expected. The stage was pretty big and the sound was pretty clear and LOUD as a mother.

Edgar Winter Group came on and I enjoyed about half of the songs. Half were good rockin' tracks, then about half the rest was a bit too funky for what I was in the mood for that day. He sounded good, even if I was not very familiar with anything beyond 'Frankenstein.'

Kix (I think I see them too much) came on and were great (as always). No real change ups for the set, tho, which was a bit disappointing. Steve and the boys sounded great as always, but could have appreciated a different song or 2 thrown in, especially for the hometown audience.

Still it was easily worth the price of admission for Kix alone. I thought Edgar Winter was decent, and need to look more into Black Stone Cherry.

We left, and heard a little of the Nighthawks, Elvin Bishop, and Brian Setzer in the parking lot. I had little interest in seeing any of them and also wondered who booked the show.
I had heard the previous day (Motley Crue and Poison and New York Dolls) had about 24K gate. This day had about 8K...

Black Stone Cherry
White Trash Millionaire

Edgar Winter
Rebel road
Eye on You
(white trash band) Turn on Your Love Light
Tobacco Road
Instrumental (w part of Kashmir and some other Led Zeppelin songs I couldn't quite place at the time)
Free Ride

No Ring Around Rosie
Atomic Bombs
Lie Like a Rug
The Itch
Don't Close your Eyes
Hot Wire
Girl Money
Cold Shower
Guitar solo
Drum solo (zzz)
Blow my Fuse
Midnight Dynamite
Yeah Yeah Yeah
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