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Originally Posted by Ape View Post
Awesome review! While I like some whitechapel having tbdm playing after them made me bored because I just wanted to see tbdm. I would have been fine with whitechapel not playing. And if you read my Louisville review one of whitechapels guitarists was sick as well. Something going around?
Yeah, I do remember you saying that now. Probably is some sort of virus. They said he was too sick to even take a sip of water. I mean, 1 guitarist isn't bad for them 'cause they got 3, but a drummer is just essential.

It was a long day and a long concert, and I had work early today, so I was fine getting home an hour earlier and not seeing Whitechapel. I do like me some Vicer Exciser though...

EDIT: I love the avatar, too! The Ape made a guest appearance for us during his song; it was awesome.
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