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Mayhem festival -- Noblesville, IN -- August 7th, 2011

Let me start off by saying I have been to all four years of mayhem fest and always look forward to it. In 2008 I went to chicago for it, 2009 Cleveland, 2010 Cincinnati, and this year decided to go to the one outside of Indianapolis. The main reason we chose this one even though I live 10 minutes from the Cincinnati venue was that hatebreed would be playing. And we would get to see hatebreed and machine head back to back on the side stages. Unfortunately of the four years I have gone this was the worst thanks to lineup and venue.

The set up of the venue sucked. The side stages were a good distance away from the main stage and since in flames dropped off machine head was opening up the main stage after hatebreed finished so it would be challenging to make it to the main stage before machine head started. To get to the main stage from the side stages you had to navigate your way through a small corridor that of roofed areas where some vendors were that opened into a small area where all the merch booths were then an even smaller path out on the other side of the merch until it opened up into where all the concessions were then to the main stage. Shouldn't be difficult but when you have that many people leaving the side stages at once it causes for slow foot traffic. The way the times were set up after hatebreed finished there should have been a good 10-15 minutes before machine head went on but due to bad weather things got pushed back on the side stages causing some over lap. From side stage to main stage. The side stages had a pretty small area for the crowd as well not near as big as other venues I went to. In front of the stage it was all gravel. Which didn't bother me except when you would attempt to get in the pit or be anywhere near it there would be a dust cloud to blind you or choke you. If you were 30 feet from the stage good luck seeing the ground sloped down a little hill. Awesome placement mayhem and verizon wireless! /sarcasm.

So onto the bands

The surface
Jag band from Dayton two singers. Did not like them. Can't tell you much about them except they tried their hardest to get people to move and a few did which brought me entertainment when they fell in the gravel trying to mosh with 3 other people.

straight line stitch
Not as bad as everyone says but still not my cup of tea. The song laughing in the rearview was alright.

Red fang
Was looking forward to them but lost intrest real quick. The vocals were barely audible and I found myself bored.

All shall perish
I like this band. They were the first to get the crowd moving but I stopped having fun when I was having trouble breathing in the dust cloud mosh. I wish they would have played when life meant more.

Kingdom of sorrow
Saw them Thursday. Enjoyed them a lot then enjoyed them this time. Three songs in though nasty weather moved in and they told everyone to either go to their cara or go to the pavilion. 20-30 minutes later they were back on and finished the set.

Suicide silence
Sucked something terrible. I was by the soundboard for them. Mitch couldn't do any of the lows and his highs sounded atrocious. I like 3 songs by them all of which they played. Unanswered, you only live once, and no pity for a coward. Like usual they opened with one of the worst songs I have ever heard wake up. This band needs to take a break or something because what I saw was one of the worst vocal performances I've seen.

I have seen this band so many times at this point I find myself getting bored with them but they were one of the few highlights of the day. Good job all around and enjoyed the song choices.

Awesome as usual. Like unearth I have seen this band a ton of times but never get bored with their set seeing as they are my favorite. Had a ton of fun during their set. It was jameys birthday the crowd sang him happy birthday and bubbles (kingdom of sorrow bassist) brought out a birthday cake. Jamey wouldn't let him destroy it though because he wanted to eat it. I can't wait to see them again but it would be at that stupid five finger death punch tour.

Machine head
Thanks to the weather and shitty venue layout I missed a good chunk of their set. We got to our seats by the end of locust. Saw aesthetics of hate and halo and that was it. I was pretty pissed. They sounded good though.

First time seeing them. I must see them again they were really good and better than I expected. I enjoyed sweating bullets and headcrusher was awesome live.

After megadeth and being frustrated by the way the day had been so far we cut our losses and headed home. The headliners this year are not any good in my opinion and there was no need to stay. I saw a lot of empty space in the lawn so I imagine they did not sell out. I know I will not be returning to this venue for mayhem fest and the organizers of mayhem better come up with a better lineup for next year. I know it made a lot of people happy but I was not impressed this year. By the time I got home I felt like I had wasted my time and money. Had hatebreed not been there it would have been a total loss. So here is to hoping the lineup is better next year.
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