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I'm not sure about the order, pretty much just the first and last two songs for each band. I might be missing a song or two but I'm pretty sure they didn't play Speed of the Nail.

Technically it's already out, it's just 4 songs called "Quadruple Single". They said they ran out of copies on tour AND I don't see anywhere you can get it online, lame.

I totally missed Thrones.

Edit: found this on Looks about right but they did not play Triumph of Venus. They ended with Tarpit Carnivore at our date as well.
In Return
Across the Shields
Out Again
Triumph of Venus
Cast Into Unknown
Olympus Mons
Tarpit Carnivore
Charge of the Brown Recluse
12/31 Lil B?
2/21 At the Gates
9/15 Black Sabbath

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