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Yes I was there and you surprise me Andy, Slough Feg were awesome in my opinion, though I do have and like their albums

It also didn't feel any less packed during Slough Feg to me. Most of those leaving after Solstice seemed to be going for a cigarette break as it got busy again.

Poster was misleading but Rich Walker had said for some time that Slough Feg would close these shows. I think possibly due to having a stand-in singer and not much opportunity to rehearse. Here's the Slough Feg setlist and link to review and photos below.

Slough Feg setlist:
The 95 Thesis
High Passage / Low Passage
Ape Uprising
Lycanthropic Fantasies
The Tell-Tale Heart
Second Coming
Traders & Gunboats
Hiberno-Latin Invasion
Galatic Nomad
The Red Branch
Sky Chariots

Review and photos:
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