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Torche -- San Francisco, CA -- August 6th, 2011

To be short, Big Business played pretty well but there was too much bass so the sound was just muddy and the music didn't translate well live. Torche didn't start until about 11:10-15 and was done before midnight, so I was a little disappointed. Turns out it was a co-headlining show, but both sets added up to less than 2 hours which just doesn't cut it. Torche was awesome for the time that they did play and did most of the bangers, so if you get a chance to see them, go.

In Return
Across the Shields
Out Again
Cast Into Unknown
Shine On My Old Ways
Without a Sound
Charge of the Brown Recluse
Tarpit Carnivore

Focus Pocus
Hands Up
New song (Always Never...?)
Just As the Day Was Dawning
Cats, Mice
New song (Ice Cold War?)
The Drift
Start Your Digging
Grounds For Divorce
New Song (Guns)
12/17 Metallica?
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