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It was nice to meet you two, sorry if I was awkward at all, I'm not used to meeting dudes I know online haha. After we bought our tickets, my friends and I basically went nuts at Amoeba Records over on the other end of Berkeley. I even scored a vinyl copy of Catharsis!

The sound at Gilman is actually pretty damn good, but you ain't gonna hear anything but amps and drums at the front, so that's why I opted to hang in the back.

I thought Dark Castle were alright, they were a little too abrasive for my tastes. By the way, I was in the back and the sound was perfect with ear-plugs in.

YOB was completely monolithic, heavier than elephant balls. Ball of Molten Lead and Grasping Air were amazing, and Quantum Mystic was about as good an opener as it could be. I got to talk with Mike, Aaron and Rob and they were all extremely nice and happy to talk with the fans. They all signed my poster, and Mike and Aaron signed my CD. (Also, thanks to Lincoln/Brutal for hooking me up with that sharpie!).
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