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Yob -- Berkeley, CA -- August 6th, 2011

Yob/Dark Castle/Dispirit/Worm Ouroboros at 924 Gilman St., Berkley, CA

So, I arrived at 924 Gilman Street. at about 6:20 with Lincoln, aka BrutalDescent. It was kind of chilly outside so we went to see if we could hang out inside and they let us. Just moments after walking into the venue I fell in love. It's like a smaller version of The Phoenix Theater . Me and Lincoln just chilled in there on the couches for a bit, watching Worm Ouroboros set up. We walked around for a bit and learned that if we helped out, we wouldn't have to pay for the show. But then we also learned that it'd interfere with watching the bands, so we decided against the volunteering. I don't mind paying to get into a venue as awesome as 924 Gilman. So we hung out for a bit more, and I heard Worm Ouroboros sound check on the epic Riverbed, which they would play later. Lincoln and I then decided to go out side and wait in line, only to find out we'd be first in line. That was aroud 7 PM. While in line, I saw a guy in a Sleep shirt, just like the one I was wearing, and we did that cool nod-to-the-guy-who-is-wearing-the-same-shirt-as-you thing. He then came up to us, and asked if we were from Metalsetlists, we told him we are, and then he told us he was Onioner and we talked for a wee bit then he went off with his buddies or something of that sort. At 7:30, they opened doors and we went in. We then went to the concession stand and bought "dinner". For me it was a danish and some water. I also bought some earplugs, since I forgot mine at home, and after hearing Worm Ouroboros sound check, I know it was going to get loud. Then we went to the stage and sat down. I then noticed that Matt Solis from Cormorant was attending the concert as well, and not to soon after that I saw Arthur. Arthur actually came up to me and said hi. We shook hands and he thanked me for writing about them online and stuff. That experience made me feel like Seņor Ryan of Wineville. Shortly after that, Worm Ouroboros started playing.

Worm Ourobors were a great way to start off the night. They lit candles around the stage and had christmas lights(the white ones, not red and green) around the stage and the mic stands. Worm Ouroboros set a really nice vibe for the night. It was dark and doomy, with their crunching riffs, yet at the same time their operatic vocals and shoegaze-y parts set a really sweet and innocent vibe around the place too. It was just kind of mystical and serene, yet at the same time it was dark. One thing that bothered me was that I couldn't really hear the vocals during the heavy parts, which would become the reocurring theme throughout the night. I definitely see why Agalloch chose them to open on their East Coast tour. Plus it helps that the drummer in Agalloch is in Worm Ouroboros too. After their set, Lincon and I talked to the bassist/vocalist and she informed us that they had a new album set to release in the Spring of 2012 but no word on a title.

Worm Ouroboros
Further Out (New Song)

Next was Dispirit. I was quite excited to see them. I was really impressed with their set opening up for Agalloch and it left me wanting more. I especially wanted to hear the first song they played again, since it had this one riff that I will never forgot. So, they took a little bit to set up, which pumped everthing behind schedule, but whatever. The set up a large, red light and the smoke machine. Once they were done setting up, they killed all the light, but their large, red light. It set a really dark and creepy vibe. Then they started and the fog machine started spewing it's unholy smog. Only minutes into their set I could only see the front man through all the fog, and sometimes I could barely make him out and he looked like a shadow. Fucking grim. They delivered a great set, full of pulverizing blackened doom and had really clear sound. Yet again, I could barely hear the vocals.

Ixtab's Lure
The Drinker

After that was Dark Castle. To my surprise, they were just a two piece. I thought they only have two members, but I thought they might bring a bassist on the road. They were really heavy and just plain loud. Every time they finished a song, they had like, half a minute to a minute of this loud, really bass-y feedback go on, then they'd start the next. A lot of the riff they played we really heavy and crunchy and the drumming was really lively. This time around, I couldn't hear the vocals at all comming from the guitarist. I only knew she was singing because I was watching her scream into the mic. At the point, I was a little irritated with the venue's sound system. Also, I don't have a Dark Castle setlist, sorry guys.

Finally, Yob took the stage. The drummer from Dark Castle was also drumming for Yob, which was impressive. The two bands were also sharing a lot of the same gear. Trying to describe how awesome Yob's performance was in words is proving to be quite difficult, so I'll just say this; Yob put on the heaviest performance I've seen since I saw Sleep. I was just.... massive. The riffs just came at me like a huge wrecking ball. Also, this time I could actually hear the vocals Absolutely phenomonal performance. EDIT: I forgot to mention, YOB dedicated the last song to the legacy of Ludirca

Quantum Mystic
Prepare The Ground
Burning the Altar
Ball of Molten Lead
Grasping Air

After YOB finished, Lincoln got a signed stick from the drummer from Dark Castle and a hand written setlist from the YOB dude. We also saw Onioner again and we talked for bit. Then it was time to head back home.

Worm Ouroboros: 8.5/10
Dispirit: 9/10
Dark Castle: 8/10
Yob: 9/10
5/28 Pentagram/King Woman
7/15 Dragged Into Sunlight/Primitive Man
8/10-12 Migration Fest

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