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No particular order here.

KISS - Part of the reason I am into rock/metal music today and I never ever thought I'd get a chance to see them. One of the happiest moments in my life.


Iron Maiden - I had missed them the last time they came through here and was lucky enough to catch them on the 2010 tour.

Dream Theater - I feel lucky I got a chance to see them shortly before Mike Portnoy quit.

Ozzy Osbourne - The man is a legend, plain and simple. I may not have gotten to see him in his prime but hearing so many metal anthems was amazing.

Any time I've seen Rob Zombie - He puts on a fantastic show each time and he puts in so much energy. Always a good experience.

Megadeth - I'm putting the Rust in Peace tour in here and not when I saw them on the 2008 Gigantour. Rust in Peace is one of my top favorite metal albums and it was awesome to hear it live in it's entirety. Exodus and Testament were a nice bonus as well.

Alice Cooper - Another rock n' roll legend. Fantastic experience hearing all his rock anthems and the show he puts on is great.

Children of Bodom - This was my first show in a smaller club setting, along with Devin Townsend, Obscura and Septic Flesh. It was great seeing these guys in a more intimate setting with a smaller crowd.

Slayer - It's fucking Slayer. I don't need to say anything more.

Honorable mention goes to Motley Crue since it was my first real rock show.

I'll get to add Judas Priest to this list when I finally see them on the farewell tour. I also NEED to see Metallica at least once before they call it quits.
Oct. 12th - GWAR
Oct. 31st - Judas Priest
Dec 10th - Motley Crue, Alice Cooper

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