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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
Not too crazy about that Macabre set, needs more Dahmer.
they did like 6 Dahmer songs man, I saw em in Vancouver on the 1st.

also add
NERO'S INFERNO to the set for sure, maybe one or two more off Grim Scary Tales

To be honest the quadruple bill of
WITHERED/CEPHALIC/MACABRE/EXHUMED was fucking insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike from Deeds Of Flesh was on drums for the mighty Exhumed from what im hearing. He did a fantastic job filling in for Danny Walker/Col (whomever you like best I guess)

Matt Harvey's signature SNARL was great live. His vocals destroyed, and Bodybag Bob Babcock on bass also did a great job.

As for Cephalic whom are my fav grinders, everything was spot on except for the fact that MERRYMAN wasnt on drums. I talked to Lenzig with a buddy of mine and he mentioned John just had a kid at the end of may, cant tour much. His replacement was not very good, very sloppy but whatever. Hearing Lucid Interval live was enough to make up for it.

MACABRE we're even better live they I could have hoped, the lead singer dressing up in Suspenders and shit is hilarious. Withered also did a good job, not too famillier with anything but the newist cd.
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