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Saint Vitus(Their first headlining show in LA in about 20 years)

A Perfect Circle(I can't describe how amazing it was. I had the perfect company with me, it was such a great show)

Roger Waters(He's performed all of the Wall and it was such a great experience)

Low Threat Profile(Their only LA show ever, I wish they didn't break up)

Hank III(Fucking III is one of the best live performers imo, I love everything he puts out)

Weezer(Saw them on the beach last summer, it was just an amazing time getting fucked up in the sun watching Rivers sing Kids/Poker Face)

Marilyn Manson(The tour in 08 when Twiggy first got back in the band and they did nothing but old shit)

Black Sabbath(ozzfest 2005)

Muse(They're just awesome live)

Sage Francis(My favorite rapper)

Next month I'm going to see The Goddamn Gallows with Jayke Orvis and James Hunnicutt and I already know it'll be the best show I go to.
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