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Nice review. The further I read through it, the more I wished that I had gone to the show...until I read the sentence about the 100% certainty of a headlining tour later this year. Finally. FINALLY!!! Great Satan, it's taken them long enough. Now all they have to do is not pick the worst bands ever to tour with them (which isn't a slam dunk by any means, based on past history), and I'll be one happy fucking camper. Unearth is the best metalcore band in existence right now, bar none.

Am I misinformed, or do they not really play "Giles" all that often? It's not necessarily my absolute favorite song by them, but it's definitely pretty damned awesome, and I seem to remember a lot of set lists without it in there and me wondering why not. Oh well, glad you got that, "Zombie Autopilot", and all the other "Oncoming Storm" gems that you enjoyed so much. Sounds like I missed a scorcher.

Even still, I'm going to make the same set list comment I always make: NEEDS MOAR "THIS TIME WAS MINE"

EDIT: Oh, and I believe it's "This Lying World". (Unearth n00bz )

EDIT2: Red Fang fucking rules. That is all.
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