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Suicide Silence setlist:
Wake Up
You Only Live Once
Fuck Everything
Slaves to Substance
No Pity for a Coward
Engine No. 9 (Deftones Cover)

My Suicide Silence review:
So Suicide Silence co-headlined this with Unearth, and played last, but I like Unearth more so I made this an Unearth-centered review. But after Unearth, Suicide Silence took the stage. To be honest, it was really good. But nothing more. I wasn't blown away by them or anything. Not terrible, though. Let me explain.

First of all, I actually think they had the weakest pits of the night, which surprised me, since I thought all the kiddies came to see them. I think it was due to the fact that it was about 90 degrees in there, and everybody was tired as hell. They had a lot of good "jump up and down" moments, which were fun. And Mitch had a pretty decent stage presence for the band, and was good at getting the crowd motivated. He kept calling for circle pits, though, which I have no problem with, but it got to a point where everybody was just too tired and hot to do them, and he was getting pissed and calling us pussies.

Vocally, I think his highs suffer live. They sound a little forced. And, there were many times where he just left out the vocals to certain lines, and I don't know why. For example, my favorite part of Smoke is when he does that wicked scream for, "BUUUURN IT DOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN", which he just left out live. Little stuff like that, and it annoyed me. The new songs sounded pretty decent live, and as much as I hate "Fuck Everything", since the last 2 minutes drag on forever, it made more sense in a live context. Cheesy, and a typical deathcore cop-out, but fun nonetheless. Mitch also managed to get a good wall of death during Disengage, which was kind of fun since the wall was about the size of Peabody's itself.

They also brought out cameras for No Pity For a Coward, and announced that they were gonna film this song for an upcoming DVD that they have coming out! Consequently, everybody went twice as crazy, especially since Mitch was like, "This platform is a fucking diving board. I don't want to see it empty!" I haven't seen so many stagedives at once since Terror, which was really fun especially because there were a decent amount of people up front so you could dive without hurting yourself. Personal note, too: I think I've finally mastered the art of diving correctly where I do a flip, land on my back on the people, and roll directly onto my feet in a standing position, where I don't hurt myself. It was interesting seeing the people who knew how to dive, and the people who didn't, since it's pretty damn obvious. Some of these kids just had no idea what was going on, and landed directly on their heads/necks. Idiots.

Also, if this makes the DVD, I will laugh my head off: During the last "PULL THE TRIGGER BEEITCH HURP DURP" breakdown, I ran across the stage to dive, and somehow Mitch's mic cord wrapped around my ankle, twice! I tried as hard as I could to unwrap it, but it was taking forever, and Mitch was just glaring at me, and pushed me a bit like he was pissed at me. Right as I was getting it off, some bouncer/crew guy thought I was trying to be a smartass and stay on the stage, and just picks me up and threw me headfirst into the crowd. Somehow, the mic cord untangled as I was thrown. I also landed not so good on my neck/head area, but I was fine. DON'T TASE/THROW/DEFENESTRATE ME, BRO!

So overall, they were fun live. Not amazing. I would see them again. Unearth still stole the show.
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