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Unearth -- Cleveland, OH -- August 4th, 2011

Tour: Mayhem Fest off-date
Venue: Peabody's
Bands: Suicide Silence, Unearth, All Shall Perish, Red Fang
Source: Me


Red Fang:
Into The Eye
Good To Die
Prehistoric Dog

All Shall Peirsh:
Wage Slaves
Gagged, Bound, Shelved and Forgotten
There Is No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet
Precession of Ashes
In This Life of Pain
There is Nothing Left

My Will Be Done
Black Hearts Now Reign
Watch It Burn
This Lying World
Shadows In The Light
Zombie Autopilot
Eyes of Black
The Great Dividers


I got to Peabody's around 7:00, and one of the local bands were still playing. Shitty crabcore, really, with very mediocre singing. I hung out and talked to my friends, since I went with a couple guys I haven't seen in over a year, and we were making fun of the kids in the crowd. I was sporting a Cattle Decap shirt, my one friend had a Lamb of God shirt, and my other friend (who was the running back/linebacker for our old highschool football team) had a plain black cutoff shirt and an America bandanna. No flat-brims amongst us.

Anyway, Peabody's was packed. Most people I've ever seen there. Red Fang came on next, and they were frickin' awesome! They were so, so, so out of place and all the kiddies were bored out of their minds, but I was banging my head the whole time. You know them, but they play solid southern stoner-ish rock/metal. Reminded me at times of Down, Motorhead, and Weedeater.

Next, All Shall Perish took the stage. I absolutely love them on record, and I don't know why people have been saying "OOH ASP SUCKS LIVE" here, since they were very spot-on, and had probably the best pits of the night. People just went crazy for them, and there were a constant stream of stagedivers. I, personally, had a nice frontflip dive in "No Business..." right before that epic breakdown. I wish someone filmed that, since I was very proud of the timing of it if I might say so myself. I kind of wish I heard more Francesco, since his guitar was tuned down a bit, but it was still awesome. Ben jumped out into the crowd at the end of Eradication, and Hernan did a great job of getting the crowd moving and diving.

After a nice long water break, we positioned ourselves for Unearth. I wasn't really sure what to expect. I mean, they've been one of my favorite metalcore bands since I was in middle school, and The Oncoming Storm is one of my favorite metalcore records of all time, so I had some high expectations. As soon as they ripped into the opening sweeps of My Will Be Done, I just rushed the stage so I could get right in Trevor's face the whole set. They were absolutely incredible. They sound twice as good live, in my opinion. I had some doubts since I wasn't a huge fan of the new record, but now I'm gonna have to give it a second chance since it was fucking HEAVY live.

About 3/4 of the way through the set, the girl up against the stage right in front of me turns around, and points at her head in question. I look, and she had a gash about an inch big, pouring blood profusely out of her head. Disgusting! I just pointed towards the door, and some other guy escorted her out. It looked painful as hell. But it was kind of cool, since it allowed me to get right up on the stage, front and center, directly in Trevor's face! There were a constant stream of stagedivers/crowdsurfers for Unearth, ESPECIALLY for the old songs. And holy shit, that set... SO many songs from The Oncoming Storm! I had no idea they'd play Zombie Autopilot. That made my week hearing that song...

Other things for them: Trevor shoved the mic in my face multiple times, notably during The Great Dividers during the, "THERE WERE BETTER ONES", "GOD SENT POLITICS", "TAKE OVER THE WORLD/DIVIDE OUR HOME", which was a dream come true! And for the "DOES HATE MEAN FREEDOM?!", he just put the mic up in the air, and everybody screamed it, moreso than any part Suicide Silence played. Buz was spot-on live, jumping around and climbing up the amps and drumset while shredding and sweeping simultaneously. Ken was also sporting a Terror shirt , and had a giant Penis drawn on his arm, and "I LIKE DICK" drawn on his other arm. And last but not least, Unearth's breakdowns are incredible live. Better than any metalcore or deathcore band I've seen. It's so heavy; especially in a small, hole in the wall venue when you're up front, only inches away from the band. I ALSO GOT THE PHYSICAL SETLIST; I'll post a pic below.

Despite an abundance of scenies in the crowd, and a lot of jerks, it was an incredible performance. AND BIG NEWS: Trevor told everyone that they are 100% gonna do a headlining tour this fall/winter!


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