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Thumbs up Clutch -- Cleveland, OH -- July 28th, 2011

Venue: Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica
Source: Yours Truly

This was another opening set for Flogging Molly, which as others have stated was almost a deal-breaker for me. Not that I have an aversion for Flogging Molly at all (in fact, they're quite the fun band live), but I just didn't want to pay almost $40 to watch Clutch perform a shortened set. In the end, it was a half-price ticket that made me end up deciding to go to this, and overall I'm fairly glad I did. I got to hear / see a few Clutch songs I hadn't heard before, including Mercury, Big News 1 & 2 and Spleen Merchant. Their new song fucking rocks as well. Anyways, here is the setlist:

Gravel Road
Spleen Merchant
Struck Down
The Regulator
Red Horse Rainbow
New Song (Newt Gingrich?)
Big News 1 --> Big Fat Pig --> Big News 2

So as far as the "gig report" part of this review, I'll just say that this show absolutely paled in comparison to the "almost New Year's Eve" show I saw at the Newport Music Theater in Columbus a few years ago (here's why)...but of course that's to be expected in many ways. Sure, the set was shortened due to Clutch's position on the bill, and sure the venue itself doesn't have the best acoustics, but I think the biggest thing was that most of the folks were obviously there to see Flogging Molly and could have cared less about Clutch. There were a few folks who seemed to enjoy both bands, and then there were some gearheads like me who were there pretty much exclusively for Clutch, but we were definitely in the minority. It just feels weird trying to rock out with your cock out to an opening band when everybody else seems to be looking at you like you've got two heads. I mean, there were some folks who had some punk-looking clothing on - one dude even had a very sweet bright green mohawk going - but Flogging Molly's music is not really all that punk, and it's certainly not metal (I know, I know...Clutch isn't exactly metal either, but it's way more edgy than Flogging Molly, that's for damn sure).

Anyhow, I did actually have a pretty good time - especially during CLutch's set. As I stated above, the new song they played is fucking sweet (I believe it's called "Newt Gingrich"). Flogging Molly was pretty good as well. My buddy and I stayed for about half of their set, and then we got the fuck out of there in favor of strapping on the ol' feed bag, because we were both nearly starved at that point. Songs such as "Requiem for a Dying Song" and "The Worst Day Since Yesterday" were real fan favorites, and garnered quite the raucous sing-along. I could definitely see why their fans enjoy their live shows so much. If I'd have had a fuller belly and more than about twelve hours' sleep in the preceding three days, I probably would have stayed for the entire show.

TL;DR: Clutch was Clutch - awesome while they lasted. Flogging Molly was fun. Wouldn't have done it for $40, but did it for $20. Got to hear some Clutch tunes I hadn't heard before, and the new song rocks.
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