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I'm an old school metalhead too. I've played in bands and have booked and managed bands too for over 25 years in the New Orleans area. And trust me, I know a lot about the unforeseen problems of a multi-band lineup. And in New Orleans, being the laid back party town it is, many times the headline band wouldn't even start until 2am! But I'm an old fart now and too many bands on a bill annoy me. Maybe had it been just you guys and Anvil, my view of the night might not have been so tainted. I didn't mean to rag on you guys and lump you in with the other bands, as you were obviously the better of the 3. I saw lots of potential and I agree, you shouldn't compromise just because some anonymous dick on a message board has an opinion. I will come check you guys out next time you play and buy you a beer.

Cheers to you and the band!
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