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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Awesome review, man! You make me feel worse and worse for not going to this. I can't wait to see MMI headlining in December; will be crazy. That breakdown in Our Kings is just great. ADTR sounds sick, but I wonder if they'll keep touring anytime soon. DWP will tour in support the new album soon, which should result in a good show. And I don't know what you're talking about for Acacia, they're probably the most violent band I've seen live. Awesome show.

Overall, I tend not to care too much about crowds, and you shouldn't either. You like the bands, like the music, so don't worry about being labeled. Just try not to hardcore dance unless it's an actual hardcore band... kids these days
First Paragraph: Thank you, this was my 2nd I think, though no one replied to my first Most of the bands on Warped Tour a lot and usually come back though, so don't sweat it to bad. The only band on Warped I've seen that hasnt come here after or before was Parkway Drive, who i think has never played here off Warped tour But yeah Miss May I is fucking killed live, in a indoor venue with a headlining set, it just be insane. ADTR will probably be back, I mean when DONT they tour, thats all they do I'm glad they are from here so I see them every North American tour, they are really one of the best live bands out of their scene, especially headlining. They know how to put on show ( - My Life For Hire on the headlining date they had here in April... if thats not how to get a crowd to go crazy during a breakdown, I don't know what is ). And yea DWP will be grat headlining, hope they come here! I guess for Acacia it was the distance I had, they just didnt seem as heavy as I was expecting them to be. Hopefully i will see them in a better place again

Second Paragraph: It's not the crowd I have a problem with, its the face that they do stupid shit making me get hurt and other people hurt. It annoys me and you won't really understand till you go to a Warped Tour and see all the concert n00bs. Also yeah the hardcore dancing is really annoying, for a hardcore band I'd understand, but for every core band its just annoying.
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