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You know, even in terms of solo careers, Dio does not blow Ozzy out of the water like everyone thinks he does. As a singer, sure. But as a songwriter? Dio may play an instrument, and he may write his own music, but this really doesn't amount to much when Dio's been writing the same shit his entire career.

And I know all you fanboys want to come screaming in with his stuff from the 90's, well guess what? For all their goofy ass arguments about how Walk Away alone was better than the first three Sabbath albums, Dio's idiotic fanbase was still never able to convince the movers and the shakers of metal that the 90's albums were any good. You will never ever see Strange Highways on a list of great metal albums from the 90's. Even if you take off the bullshit fluff that plagues those lists like Faith No More, Nine Inch Nails, Helmet and Korn, you'd still have about 15, if not 50 other contenders from any sub-genre able to take those spots.

As for Ozzy? True, the only thing he's ever actually written are the vocal melodies for his songs, but he still has final say on what goes on his album and what doesn't. We all know how he unceremoniously dumped Zakk Wylde because his playing had become a caricature of itself, and even back when Zakk first rehearsed with his band in the 80's Ozzy gave him shit for sounding too much like Jimi Hendrix. There's also a very strong rumor that between Bark At The Moon and Ultimate Sin, Ozzy had a full album worth of material that he scrapped because he didn't think it was very good.

The solo career race is way closer than people think. Just because Ozzy alienated fans by bumbling around his house doesn't suddenly make Dio's subpar work relevant.
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