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Here's the thing folks, while Heaven & Hell and Mob Rules are very good albums, there's a hard truth you all need to realize:

They're Rainbow albums.

Everyone talks about what a nice and humble guy Dio is, but he pretty much turned Black Sabbath into a band about him rather than a team effort. Hell that's pretty much why Bill Ward left during the tour.

I've always wondered why they didn't just change the name of the band, but the record company wanted another album from them. Couldn't they have just put out a double live album from the Ozzy days, broken up the band and started reformed with Dio under a new name?

Again, the Dio Sabbath albums are very good, and they are a much prefered alternative to what would have happened if the band decided to stick with Ozzy (for both parties might I add), but they are not Black Sabbath albums*, they're Dio albums. Of course Dio didn't have a solo career yet, so it's best to just say they were Rainbow albums with Tony Iommi writing the riffs.

*Dehumanizer not withstanding.

Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
If Dio had been able to make eight albums with Sabbath, this wouldn't be a contest.
If Dio had been able to make eight albums with Sabbath, they would have gotten stale very fucking quickly. Especially when you consider that he's more or less been writing Holy Diver his entire career. Shit the Ozzy line up got stale after 7 albums.
and the singing dies down for just a second, right? Long enough for my dad to go "This is how they used to transport the Jews!"

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