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Animals As Leaders -- Kansas City, MO -- August 2nd, 2011

Once again, another great concert I pulled out of my ass last minute
We headed out to the Beaumont later than we wanted, since we wanted to catch the local band, David Hasslehoff on Acid these guys are pretty damn good. Their an experimental, progessive, funk, I don't know what the hell band. You guys should check them out

Anywho we caught most of their set and the crowd seemed to dig em.
Next was Even Brewer, and HOLY SHIT, that guy is insane on bass. He didn't play too long but what he did was badass, plus the last song featured Joe from Intronaut

Next was the band Last Chance To Reason, which I didn't know what the hell to expect since I found out their album is a "interactive concept album", which means it's a video game as well. They were a lot better than I expected and the guys of the band were pretty cool. They were heavier than the others but the crowd was still pretty chill. Sucks that they were going through a member change and were short 2 members. Here's their set.

Coded To Fail
Taking Control
Temp Files
The Prototype

After that it was time for Dead Letter Circus. They weren't too bad, not my cup of tea, but they were good. Most of the time I was taking a shit though :3 The guys in the band were really fucking cool and I got the set.

The Mile
One Step
The Space on The Wall
Next In Line

After a smooth bowl movement and some water, it was time for Intronaut I'm not a huge fan, and I'm not really familiar with much of their material, but I really like what I have heard and I was looking forward to checking them out. They were damn good, and pretty much just came in and rolled over everyone else, and left. There was some talking and stuff, but for the most part and they came in, and kicked ass. Not much going on from the crowd, but they seemed to like them. I didn't get the set

After that I didn't move cause I wanted to keep my spot against the stage for Animals as Leaders I know there are some haters on here(manks) but these guy are damn good. They came on pretty quick and and they just plowed though everything. Everything sounded great and I managed to get the setlist from the stage and get it signed by the guys
Sucks though cause when we were leaving after we got pizza form down the street we saw everyone outside(which is where I got it signed) and it turns out they lost their key to their trailer and were trying to saw through it

Overall, a DAMN good night.

David Hasslehoof on Acid: 7/10
Even Brewer: 8/10
Last Chance To Reason: 7/10
Dead Letter Circus: 6.5/10
Intronaut: 8.9/10
Animals As Leaders: 10/10

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