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Toxic Holocaust -- Canoga Park, CA -- July 30th, 2011

Toxic is always fun live. I hadn't been to a metal show for about 6 months, and decided this show would be a good one to attend. It was a pretty intense show, I got their while some band Crunk Punks started to play. Two of them had these giant mohawks and they were straight up punk. They were entertaining but generic. Then Holy Grail played. The singer has an unbelievable voice. I had seen them play before, and while I was somewhat of a fan, I went outside and talked with friends during their set. I was there for Toxic.

They set up around 10 PM. John Kevill from Warbringer was in the crowd.

Songs I know they played:

Wild Dogs
Nowhere to Run
Lord of the Wasteland
War is Hell
I am Disease
Nuke the Cross

Joel was really into the perfomance and seemed in a great mood. Overall it was an amazing show and I'm glad I went. They played some songs from the new album and a couple I forget the name of. They were selling shirts for $15 but I couldn't justify paying that. Go to this show!
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