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First off...I appreciate the compliments re: the guitar palyers and the singer. That being said...i'm not here to argue or sling mud...just wanted to set the record straight, on what I feel was unfair critcism, and a somewhat unprofessional review of the three opening acts. At worst, let's agree to disagree.

I've been doing this now 20+ years (Yes, I am old an old school metal a matter of fact, I first saw Anvil in 1982 opening for Aerosmith at the Sprectrum and am a huge fan to this day, as I told Robb and Lips). One of the reasons Season of Mourning gets these type shows (opening for Anvil. Accept, Stratovarius and Helstar) is because the promoter appreciates our professional attitude and continues to want to work with us. In most of these cases, the band has been approved by the headliner's management for inclusion on the bill. One thing we aren't going to do is compromise who we are (shorten songs, get rid of the keyboards, etc.). When you go into a show like this, (as I tell the guys), you never know what to expect (10 minute change over for the Accept show at the Troc). For example, the first band Deadbolt was added to the show last minute, which caused alot of the original plan to have to be changed. No one knew until after Anvil's soundcheck, how much of the stage would actually be available for the opening acts, and no discussion took place prior to that night regarding the possible sharing of equipment (which would fall on the promoter). We were literally climbing over each other to set up, with only one real stage entrance to get equipment up there. As I said before, the night was planned to run from 9pm to ran 9pm to 1:15am, and Anvil played 1 1/2 hours as the were suppose to.

Like I said, at worst let's agree to disagree. As a matter of fact, I'd be glad to send you a Season of Mourning cd, just so you can see what we are really about. Just message me.
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