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Originally Posted by Undertaker13 View Post
WOW...I didn't realize it took us an hour to set up and play a 30 minute set! Please get your facts straight before you decide to bash someone. The whole night only ran over the scheduleld times by 15 minutes. Incase you didn't notice, we are a six pieces trying to set up in a very small space, pretty much climbing over each other to accomplish this. The production manager at the club had no problem with our set up time. But, hey...i'm sure you can do better.
Dude, I was standing right there watching you guys set up a drum kit bigger than Neil Peart's on a tiny stage and it was going on FOREVER! And the sound guy told you guys at one point, over the mike, to hurry up. It looked as though the keyboard player didn't even know how to plug in his own instrument. Very unprofessional. All I'm saying is, when you open for a legendary band like Anvil, maybe be a little more professional. That's all.

Also, if you take the time it took to set up and the time to break down, I'm pretty sure you are looking at about an hour. So, yes, you did take twice as long to set up as you played. Get a smaller drum kit (are all those drums REALLY necessary?), lose the keyboard player (you couldn't even hear him) and work on shortening your songs (pretty sure the first tune was one third of your set). The guitarists were good and the singer was pretty good. But my advice means shit, so take it or leave it.

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