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Originally Posted by es156
However, I think that EvilCheeseWedge did not stay long enough to let the boys get warmed up.
Well, we hung out in the venue for a bit before heading out. We heard "Breaking The Law", "I'm A Rocker", "Diamonds And Rust", and "Deal With The Devil" from the parking lot, and they sounded pretty shaky.

(Also, we were in our seats for the first half hour of the Priest set, I honestly think that's plenty of time for them to warm up, especially after walking in on Queensryche's third song and seeing them in full force already )

If I had never heard "Beyond The Realms of Death" before, I would've probably stayed. But I just heard it less then 11 months ago anyways, so there wasn't much incentive.

Edit: Added "Breaking the Law", which they were starting as we headed to the car.
2/24 - The Foundry

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