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Alright review time

Before the Show
Woke up really early, like 9 in the morning(I usually wake up around 2 or 4 ... unless I'm working that is) so I was already exhausted. By the time I got a shower and dressed and everything it was like 10 and thats when I pretty much knew I was going to be late since I had to pick up 6 people and the doors opened at 11:30. So I rushed and got there barely around 11:50 without eating anything and having really annoying cottonmouth. I feel I should also mention that it was 95 degrees with 63% humidity, it was insanely hot and humid, I ended up getting sunburn. Getting to the venue I saw that it was full of scene kids and preps. Walking to the box office some 50 year old asked me if I wanted to buy weed, I was up for it but then I realized I had a 12 year old with me and I didn't want to be a bad influence Waiting in line for a good 20-30 minutes to buy my tickets at the box office, which was annoying because I thought I was going to miss a band I wanted to see. Thankfully I made it in perfectly on time since the first band I wanted to see, Miss May I, came on at 12:30. In the meantime I met up with some friends and hung at the Winds of Plague merch tent, where I talked to the merch guy for a little bit(He was also the only person to take notice of my Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Back to Life shirt the whole day). About 5 minutes to 12:30, I ran up to the stage(there were like barely anyone at that point) and got ready for the first band of the day.

Miss May I
Miss May I was the first band of the day and within seconds of being on the stage the crowd got huge and they went into their first song. Miss May I sounds amazing live and they are such a good live band. From the whole crowd singing the chorus to Forgive and Forget to everyone losing their minds to Relentless Chaos it was just a great performance. They really know how to get a crowd going and just to put on a good show. These are one of the few newer bands I have a feeling will be around for a good amount of time and I have no problem with that . Unfortunately though they had a huge circle pit during Architect and I was stupid enough to go in, I wouldn't stop going until I realized how sick I felt and all of a sudden bam the heat got to me and I vomited. I felt like crap so for the rest of the time I got my water bottle from my friend and watched them from the back. One thing is for sure, after that my water bottle didnt leave my side
RATING: 8/10
After that I had about a hour break wear I relaxed until I felt better and regained my strength. Then I went and met up with some more friends for the next band.

Enter Shikari
These guys are pretty crazy live, they have a lot of crowd participation and energy up on that stage, hell at one point they reminded me of DEP because of the members hanging on any shit they could find. I'm not a big fan of them, I only really like the song "Sorry, you're not a winner" so the rest just seemed okay to me. The crowd really went crazy for them so Im sure if you are a huge fan you would enjoy them a great deal. Though my complaint is that they played some dubstep during their set I've heard worse dubstep, but still
RATING: 6.5/10
After them I hoped on the rail for Winds of Plague, which was the main reason I was there and one of my personal favorite deathcore bands.

Winds of Plague
Holy shit they fucking tore it up. Last time I saw them it was at a small venue and they killed it, but this time was soooo much better. The whole band was giving it their all and the crowd was going insane the whole time, including me. During Decimate the Weak, the vocalist came up to the rail, jumped on and shoved the mic in my face and I yelled my guts out. Overall their performance was great and it made the day worth it.
RATING: 8.5/10

Tired, I decided to chill and watch Acacia Strain from the back

Acacia Strain
They gave a energetic and great performance that I expected from them. For some reason though it really seemed like they weren't as heavy as they are on record. But one thing is for sure, live the vocalist sounds like a fucking demon. Like holy shit he sounds amazing live, its the top thing I noticed the whole performance and it made it all the better. They played everything great instrumentally and just did great.

After them I ran to the main stage to hear the next band....

August Burns Red
I don't know if it was the stage, the sound, or where I was in the crowd, but August Burns Red was disappointing. They sounded great and gave it their best, but it was just missing something. Not only that but the crowd was huge and I was far from the stage so that might be the reason. The new songs sounded boring live, except maybe Empire, but the rest was great live. They were just missing something.

After them I had about a 2 hour break till the next band I wanted to see came on.....

A Day To Remember
It seems like the whole crowd at Warped Tour came to see A Day To Remember, because it was PACKED, i mean before the show I tripped and half a second into my fall i froze cause there was no room to fall and no one even notice me on them. The moment A Day To Remember came on though the whole crowd became a wave NO ONE stood still, it was almost annoying cause I lost pretty much everyone of my friends during the set cause the crowd was so tight and crazy. ADTR themselves played good and put on the best show they could for their home town as well. Though probably because I've seen them before headlining it wasn't as good as then, not even close. Every thing about that show was better, including the crowd. The crowd here annoyed me, I mean they started opening a pit and hardcore dancing to "Have Faith In Me" and if you dont know the song, look it up and imagine people hardcore dancing to that, seriously it was fucking ridiculous. Only thing better about this show was them playing my favorite song by them, "Heartless" off their first record. During the last song i was in the back with no one and some dumbass tried crowd surfing and landed right directly on my head making my back snap back and I had a huge headache after that and my back was killing me. Fuck warped tour crowds.
RATING: 7.5/10

With a headache and back pain I stood away from the crowd for the next band and final band of the day....

The Devil Wears Prada
So I am a recent fan of TDWP, liking only their Zombie EP and their new single so seeing them live I had no idea to expect. All I can say is.... wow. These guys totally blew my expectations, these guys had the most energy of all the other bands and they were the last band of the night, seriously these guys didnt stop with the energy. The whole band was moving, including the singer who was flipping around the stage and screaming perfectly. Also holy shit did the Zombie EP and new song sound good live. Even the old stuff which i dont care for sounded great. Also their drummer is pretty kickass This is one of the bands I can't wait to see on their headlining tour, even if their fans are a bunch of scene kids.

Warped tour is a fun time with a lot of friends, the people there unfortunately suck and are full of hardcore dancers, douchebags, and dumbasses. Though if you like a good amount of bands and get a few friends to come with you its a good day worth the sunburn and heat.
Best Band of the Night: The Devil Wears Prada
Band I had the most fun during: Winds of Plague
Overall band of the night: Winds of Plague

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