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I think the Cowboys will do great this year. Better then the Eagles? Probably not, but I expect a Wild Card spot. Rob Ryan doesn't fuck around when it comes to D. I mean look what he did with the Browns last year. That D alone beat the Saints and the Pats. Our offense is fire and we have the best receiving corps in the league and Romo is a damn good QB when he actually gets time in the pocket. Dumping Barber was a great idea and drafting Murray to replace was a good move. We have a lot of talent on the Cowboys, but we didn't have the coach or the right people to do bring it out of them. I expect good things and can't wait for the season to start. Happy I get to see them in training camp

Packers will be the team to beat again in the NFC. Team last year was all 2nd stringers and packed with injuries. I am scared to see what the whole team can do when 100% healthy and on their A-game.
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