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Ahahahaha I actually jumped in that wall of death this time because I was too scared to do it last time. Craziest pit I've ever been in.

Originally Posted by Solarian13
Rob Zombie was awesome, hands down the best set from him I've seen so far (third time seeing him). He sounded way tighter than the other times, and it was cool to see the setlist get switched up... Demonoid Phenomenon was one of my favorite Zombie songs when I started listening to him ten years ago, so it was awesome to hear it live, wasn't expecting that at all.
This was my third time seeing Zombie as well. I went nuts when they played Super-Charger Heaven, I was not expecting that at all. He actually played Demonoid last year on the tour with Alice Cooper.
Nov 2nd - Arch Enemy, Kreator
May 4th - Anthrax, Volbeat

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