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Yup its that time of the month again...


Anyways. LA Rising was fun as hell. I ended up calling in sick like the VERY LAST MINUTE. I ended up calling in sick and making up some bullshit excuse like 45 min before I started work. Right after I here the great news from my boss that I don't have to go in to work I hop in the shower power and darted to my friends pad(whom was buying the tickets at his pad). The best part was that my friend bought me a pit ticket and I didn't have to pay him back or anything(we go WAYYYY Back, were like brothers from another mother).

Anyways!!!! We leave around 4pm and get to the stub hub leasing office where we go get our tickets(he ordered them online but we had to go to the office to retrieve them...luckily it was right next to the show!). From there on we go find parking by the Colosseum and head to the show. Now this is where it gets great

We finally find parking, park in a lot full of Raged out, beer drinking Rage against the machine fanboys AND GIRLS(whom are all blasting the bands music in their cars). I decided to make a change of pace AND ADD SOME DIVERSITY TO THIS LOT by blasting some wu tang Clan in my car while rolling up some blunts to take into the show. I could tell alot of people were getting pissed off and not feeling the music so i turned it off

After we get a shit ton of blunts rolled up, we decided to smoke a couple before heading into the show, feeling nice and breezy E-Z like lemon Peaziez. From there on we get in line, and BOOM WERE HERE. As we get into the show we can hear rise against playing. Thankfully we missed Lauryn Hill and I have seen Immortal Technique 5 times in concert so I had really no huge intrest in seeming him again. From what I heard LAURYN HILL WAS FUCKING HORRIBLE. I'm not surprised at all. I saw her at Rock the Bells in 2010 and she was well.....

During what was left of rise against, Me and my friend proceed to smoke another 3-4 blunts to kill some time before the ALL MIGHTY RAGE hits the stage! I don't really care fore Rise against and have never really gave their shit a chance and probably never will so I cant really tell you how there performance was(plus We just had our minds set on going fuckin' ballistics for Rage).

Next Up was Muse. First of all... I will go as far as to say they did sound better than Rage, they had the better everything. Better sound, Special effect ect. It still didn't change the fact that I don't like their music and never will. But I will man up and say they did put on a really great show, at some points I thought I was having an LSD flashback because the effects were so amazing. Muse should have headlined if you ask me. They just sounded better over all than rage. I mean, hell I DONT EVEN LIKE THIS BAND, but they should have headlined. Anyways I don't really got much else to say other than that they kept my attention during all their set(were as the other bands we kind of just walked around and tried to kill time)

So now it was finally TIME


I'm not going to go into a great childesh detail on how awesome they were but I will leave a few notes.

-Some idiot who was also there for rage and ONLY RAGE...was trying to start a fire pit like a good 5 minutes before the band got out. I was like "DUDE WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!! WAIT FOR AFTER THE BAND COMES OUT AND THEN DO IT!?!? ARE YOU FUCKIN RETARDED?". Everyone else was agreeing with me but this kid just didnt wanna listen. He was just some little asian macho man 15 year old bitch trying act all tought, anyways...he didn't listen to any of us, proceeded to start the fire LONG BEFORE THE BAND Would come out!....AND BOOM, security shows up, puts out the fire and kicks the kids ass right out of the Colosseum....and 2 seconds later Rage comes out

-During all of rages set I was going all out. I moshed like i was in a fucking Slayer show, I was having the time of my life. I must have got knocked down 40 times, but for everytime I got knocked down more and more people would pick me up CAUSE WE ALL GOT EACHOTHERS BACKS, MOTHA FUCKA

-During one of the times I got knocked the fuck down, a good amount of my hair was underneath this fools shoe, stuck to the ground. While People were trying to left me back up MY HAIR IS STILL CAUGHT UNDER THIS FOOLS BOOT!!! So as im trying to get lifted up, i keep staying on the ground cause this guy didnt notice my hair was caught under his shoe which was on the fucking floor. It was pretty fucking painfull to say the least. He eventually noticed I couldnt get picked back up since his FUCKING FOOT WAS KEEPING MY HEAD TO THE FUCKING FLOOR. Ouch...

-Some stupid ass whore was running around with a skateboard trying to pull cheap shots in the pit. I WANT TO KNOW HOW THE FUCK SHE EVEN GOT THAT SKATEBOARD IN THE COLLOSEUM? Anyways, this bitch was one dirty rotten scoundrel!! Luckily she missed me during all of rage

After a good amount of getting noticed by a lot of people in the pit, some one called in security and they showed up in our big ol' circle pit and take the skateboard from the girl and put her ass in check. During all of this, a pretty looking women in the pit KNOCKS ME THE FUCK DOWN, made me her bitch!!!..straight up, i got mah ass chewed to the floor! The Security gaurd helps me back up and this is what happens next.

Security:You ok man???! Damn, You got tossed around pretty hard by that girl!!!


The security guard immediately starts cracking up and begins to laugh non-stop, He literally couldn't stop laughing for like five minutes....Then he gives me a high five and I go back into the pit until the set was over.

-Rage had some shitty technical difficulties which was pretty fucking Lame. They sounded great. But i feel like they could have had a much better more, louder and intense sound-over all....I think their show at Rock the bells 2007 was much better and WAY MORE BRUTAL. I know, because I went to Rock the bells 2007,

Anyways I apologize to those that had to endure my mess of a rant(bobby solo i know you're reading this )

8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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