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This was a great show. I missed most of Exodus unfortunately, they started playing The Toxic Waltz a minute or two after I got into the venue.

Rob Zombie was awesome, hands down the best set from him I've seen so far (third time seeing him). He sounded way tighter than the other times, and it was cool to see the setlist get switched up... Demonoid Phenomenon was one of my favorite Zombie songs when I started listening to him ten years ago, so it was awesome to hear it live, wasn't expecting that at all.

And then Slayer just ruled. Saw them in Winnipeg a couple years ago, but I was up in the seats and recovering from swine flu, so not the best Slayer experience. This time I was on the floor and ready to go, and it was awesome finally being in a Slayer pit.

My only complaint was the sound, I thought it was super muddy and hard to hear the guitars and vocals at time, which was really distracting unfortunately. When I went up into the seats for a couple of Rob Zombie's songs the sound was pretty good, but on the floor it pretty much sucked.

Originally Posted by Christen View Post
Funny note: On the way in they said over the PA system that they would not allow any moshing or crowd surfing at this show. When they said that everyone in line chuckled. You can't say there won't be any moshing at a Slayer show and expect that to be enforced.
I didn't hear that (it was probably before I arrived), but I did see on the doors they had those signs with restricted items/actions, and included on them was "No moshing, crowd surfing, or aggressive behavior"
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