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Alright here's my review:

Originally I was offered free GA tickets from one of my friends, so I didn't even worry about buying tickets when they went on sale. Well things didn't work out last minute, so I never got the tickets. I decided to try my luck and see what I could get at the show from someone who was in need of selling an extra ticket. I got to the show with my friend around 4 to find out that the traffic was terrible. After seeing signs for parking between $25 and $40, I decided I could walk a little if I could find free parking. Well I went one block past the coliseum and found a spot right away. I then walked around the show for about 50 minutes looking for someone with a ticket but had no luck right away. I could hear Immortal Technique playing, but couldn't tell what song was being played. I really wanted to hear Dancing with the Devil but knew I wouldn't be inside in time. Well I found 2 tickets in section 17 for pretty cheap and went back to pregame for a bit until Rise Against went on. I went into the show around 6pm so find out Lauryn Hill was still performing. I wasn't into it at all so I went to find the bathroom and more beer. Well I was successful at finding the bathroom, but beer was $9 for a small cup of Coors Light so fuck that!!! So I was pretty much sober the entire show haha. Rise Against went on and played a cool set, I'm not big on them so I am not going to go into any sort of review on them.

As 8:20 came near, I got more and more excited for the main reason I was attending the show, to see Muse. I have seen Muse 4 times at this point and they are always awesome. I was very surprised when Muse opened with Exogenesis. That is normally one of the songs they play during their encore. I soon remembered they will occasionally open with that when they do they're really unique sets, but I soon found out it was to go back to the standard set I've seen before. I was finally able to hear one new song by Muse I haven't heard live before!! That was Butterflies and Hurricanes. I was so happy to hear something different for once I thought it was funny that the eazy up in the back of the pit section was torn down during Maps of Problematique. I just never imagined people to get rowdy enough during Muse to destroy shit, then attempt to light it on fire hahaha. A few songs later, they made a mistake and played United States of Eurasia. Everyone in my section sat down because they were getting bored when they heard that song. It just wasn't a song to play at that event. They furthered the awkwardness when they played the Helsinki Jam. At the headlining shows, Muse has pillars that raises and lowers them. During the Helsinki Jam, the bassist and drummer will rise together and spin around in the air. There weren't any pillars at this show, so it just felt awkward to watch. The crowd didn't seem to get back into their set until they played the Resistance. I could clearly tell during Time is Running out that the crowd was definitely not into Muse. During the second pre chorus, Matthew expected the crowd to sing along, but everyone was dead. It was worse during Plug in Baby. From my perspective, not many people seemed to know what song that was. I always hated that Muse never played more off of their best album OOS, but that made it clear why.

RATM was on next and tore it up! They went on 20 minutes late and played a 75 minute set. They got the crowd moving so well. Everyone's insanity seemed to be released the second they started Testify, but that was soon to end when the sound went out for a good chunk of the song. When the soud came back, people weren't moving cause they were pissed off. It cut out again, then went back into full effect and there were no problems the rest of the show. I just have to say RATM was amazing to see live. I was glad to hear what I heard.

The only thing I have to say about after the show was fuck whoever decided to close down the 3 right lanes on the 10 East. Seriously? There were about 30,000 people exiting the Coliseum to hit that stopped traffic. It took an hour to go a few miles
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