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Originally Posted by sleepstalking View Post
Breakdown By Albums:

Queensryche EP - 1
The Warning - 1
Rage For Order - 2
Operation: Mindcrime - 2
Empire - 3
Promised Land - 1
Hear In The Now Frontier - 1
Q2K - 1
Tribe - 1
Operation: Mindcrime II - 1
American Soldier - 2
Dedicated To Chaos - 2
B-Side - 1

I have to give them props for managing to actually include tracks from ALL of their albums in the 30th Anniversary tour set...but on the other hand, I'm one of those folks who really only enjoys their first five records. I wish I had seen them on the Live Evolution tour when I was in Eighth least I could have heard "Queen of the Reich" then!
It is cool that they're playing songs from all their releases. Actually Dedicated to chaos has three songs: Get Started, Rhythm of hope, and Around the world.
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