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Good review Wrathchild. Yes I did catch a glimpse of you guys on the screens. I could see you guys every now and then down there in the front row. I thought that Scott Rockenfield threw a stick in your direction but I couldn't tell if either of you caught it.

I thought it was an excellent show. Queensryche were very tight and sounded great. The crowd reaction was very good also, with everyone in the lower level standing and a lot of people singing. Their set list was the same as what has been posted before. I thought it was great to hear so many old tunes. Five songs from Rage For Order is just outstanding! Highlights for me were Surgical Strike, the EP medley, and En Force.

I thought that Judas Priest got off to a bit of a slow start. Electric Eye was good but not great. Metal Gods and Riding On The Wind were just average in my opinion. I can think of many other songs that I would rather hear. However, I think that EvilCheeseWedge did not stay long enough to let the boys get warmed up. Rob's mobility is not much of an issue in my book. When Halford opened for Maiden on the Brave New World Tour Rob just stood there and sang so I wasn't expecting much movement. As long as he can still sing I am happy. I thought that Judas, Revolution and Breaking The Law sounded pretty good. But the set really picked up after Diamonds And Rust. Deal With The Devil was excellent and the rest of the show just killed. (Victim Of Changes would be the only exception, but I am just not a big fan of that song.) The guitar solos in Beyond The Realms Of Death are amazing. Hellrider and Exciter simply blew me away. The encore is pretty predictable and the show is not much different from OzzFest last year, but it was still a great show and well worth my money. Highlights for me were Deal With The Devil, Turbo Lover, Hellrider, and Exciter.

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