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Originally Posted by NickLed19 View Post
Only good band on this tour is In This Moment.
"Oh Lord, Forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Originally Posted by llama lom View Post
I'm actually surprised you don't like Born of Osiris that much.
Yep. I remember discovering them way back in the day in like, 2007, by accident on the same day that I discovered the Faceless. The New Reign was awesome, I thought. It was a lot more technical and cool than any deathcore at the time, which I loved. But all their music after that... meh. Their songs have horrible structure and style, to where I'll listen through a couple, stop, and not be able to remember a single riff or lyric I just heard. I thought The Discovery would be good, but it ended up just being super bland and boring compared to the other "great" Sumeriancore giants, After the Burial and Veil of Maya, who I shamelessly get boners for and will defend proudly. Still, BOO is fun live, and I would definitely see them again.
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