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Standard Ghost Inside setlist, but what should I expect? They kick serious ass. Cool For Today set, also. They're a solid band. Born of Osiris is great live, too, even though I don't care for them on record. No After The Butial set makes me a sad panda though. T_T

Oh, and Alesana is a shitty screamo/whiny/crabcore gehfags band, so you did the right thing by missing them. I can't believe you liked In This Moment, either.

Also: In what order did Born of Osiris/After the Burial/For Today/IWABO play? Since if what I saw was correct, IWABO was playing over all of them. If it went by level of popularity, it should have been BOO/ATB/For Today/IWABO, and if it went in order of who was actually the best band, it should have been ATB/For Today/BOO/IWABO.

Anyway. Cool to see that someone went to this tour, since I resolutely decided not to. All the bands I'd like to see got short sets probably, and I'd have to sit through a lot of crap. AND I would have had to sacrifice a whole day or pay at work, which is never worth it.

and an Emmure set would have been a little cool i guess
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