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Megadeth did a great job at this show. But fuck our local radio station 103.3 the edge and the promoters because they didn't even announce Megadeth as part of the lineup until last friday. That's the only reason I ended up going.

Since Megadeth was announced so late there were people that I talked to at the venue that didn't even know they were on the bill. Plus, there were hardly any Megadeth fans in attendence because of it and they recieved a very mild crowd reaction. They could've sold a few thousand more seats if they announced them with the rest of the lineup back in May. Fuckin idiots.

Maybe our show was different but i'm not sure why people are saying Disturbed is boring on this tour. They played really well, had a better sound and David had more energy than the last two times I saw them in 2008 and last year.

I know Indestructible was just being a wise ass but thanks for confirming why I didn't post a review of this show in the first place. I'm tired of seeing Megadeth's setlist get the hate it does and quite frankly if anyone is tired of the songs they play, those songs obviously don't mean that much to you. Because if they did you wouldn't care what they did.
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