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Originally Posted by EvilCheeseWedge
I wonder how many cows had to die to outfit those guys.

Sorry to hear of your experience CheeseMan, I knew somehting was wrong when I saw you lurking on the board earlier last night I really, really hope Priest will get their shit together for my show on July 2nd.

Even though I've been reading all these positive reviews I had my reservations before even seeing this, seeing the DVD portion of Angel Of Retribution with the live tracks. Even in his earliest tours Halford never has had any sort of good stage presence, so now he is even more vulnerable to lapses than when he was younger. That telepromter shit is fucking horrible...NO other metal singers use that. I actually would rather him forget the lyrics or slightly alter them if he forgets 'em rather than reading off a screen like it's fucking kareoke It's not like Priest's lyrics are so good we have to hear them being read like a script anyways

I really pray my experience will be better than yours, although that's almost a given since Jerry Cantrell will be on the bill as well Among others for Bone Bash IV
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