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Megadeth -- Darien Lake, NY -- July 26th, 2011

Went to the Edge Summer BBQ at Darien Lake. It was the main acts of the Mayhem line up, minus Machine Head, who I would have liked to see, cancelled because of illness. Anyway, a couple weeks ago they kept talking about a special guest, and the rumor was it would be Megadeth. If it weren't for that, and the fact a friend of mine likes Disturbed and horrible Godsmack, I wouldn't have bothered buying a ticket. We got there and In Flames was playing. I'm not familiar with a lot of their work, but they were quit good. Trivium played before them, but we missed them. Megadeth came on next, and of course they destroyed. They should have headlined. Godsmack and even Disturbed who I like, shouldn't be playing after Megadeth. Its utter sacrelige. The difference between the fan bases were definitly evident. So Godsmack sucked, In Flames was good,Distubed was very good and played the setlist they've been playing all summer. Megadeth's set went like this:

Wake Up Dead
Hangar 18
A Tout Le Monde
Public Enemy #1 (good song)
Symphony Of Destruction
Peace Sells
Holy Wars

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