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Impiety: (60 mins)

Escalate the Pestilence
Bloodred Angelshred
Advent of the Nuclear Baphomet
Terror, Death , Worship!
Pillars of Perversion
Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration
As Judea Burns
Anal Madonna

Surrender of Divinity: (50 mins)

Conquerors of the Apocalypse
Blasphemous Beast Rising
Manifest Blasphemy
Immolating the Son of the Whore
Paradise's Brothel
Satan's Malicious Fire

Black Witchery: (45 mins)

Holocaustic Church Devastation
Crush the Messiah
Upheaval of Satanic Might
Sepulchral Witchcraft
Kingdom Against Kingdom
Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance
Desecration of the Holy Kingdom
Blood Oath
Baphomet Throne Exaltation
Antichrist Order of Holy Death
Ascension of the Obscure Moon
Inferno of Sacred Destruction

Manticore: (45 mins)

Bleeding the Leeches
Denying the Resurrection
The Art of Possession
When Fire Strikes the Blackened Skies
Rebirth of Creation
Praising the Whore
Our Will is His
For Rats and Plague
In Bloodshed Rejoice
Demonic Rites
The Gates of Nanna (Beherit cover)
Ave Azarate! 218
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