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So i had a great time with jd091 and it was nice seeing Natrlhi again. Anyhoo, we started with Victims of Contagion which blew me away.Talented musicians. Check. Connection with the crowd. Check. Lots of enthusiasm. Double check. Solid shit chaps

Next was Solopist. Now I see they are talented, but they seemed way out of place at a tech death show. I am not a fan of "riff" metal (techie die hard). Also, some of the emo kids and friends of the band were being total assholes in the front where we were standing. Pushing everyone all around where people were just listening. Disregard for all concert etiquette. So I ended up walking to the courtyard for a smoke

A dude named Jason liked my Vital Remains shirt and we ended up smoking and talking for the rest of the set outside. Skeletonwitch. They tore shit up! Solid set, I will check out studio versions later

Obscura mang. So much brutality and technicality packed into skinny bashful Germans! Really REALLY DISAPPOINTED at the total lack of a bassist. Played a lot of gems from Cosmogenesis though. They overcame the lack of a bassist with a really solid set. I got a hard-on when they came back out for Universe Momentum.
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