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Exhumed -- Winnipeg, Manitoba -- July 27th, 2011

This is more of a review because I'm not too familiar with these bands other than Cephalic Carnage.
Got there late and caught the last little bit of Withered and although I do enjoy some songs on record their muddied sound did not amount to much in a live setting.
Next was Cephalic Carnage and they were full of energy and pretty awesome to watch live. I know they played the following

Abraxas of Filth
Divination and Violation
Lucid Interval
Kill for Weed

Macabre were next and they were probably the one of the worst live bands I've seen. I had no idea what to expect and I thought they would be alright in a live setting but the singer kept making high pitched squeals and I just felt their whole performance was downright cheesy.

Last was Exhumed and other then listening to their new album once through all was new to me. I thought that they put on a good show and that they were fun to watch. They didn't take themselves to seriously which made the show a lot more fun. Overall a good show other then Macabre though!
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