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Megadeth delivered the best performance I've ever seen out of them. Trivium were great, though I would've preferred them to be on one of the side stages. I left In Flames early, but seeing that they didn't do "Take This Life", I'm not so upset. Machine Head were awesome as always, but were WAY too fucking loud (I really hope I didn't fucking up my hearing). Unearth were killer as always. Hell, even Suicide Silence were good, and I'm not a fan whatsoever. Great energy, and their breakdowns actually sounded heavy. The biggest disappointment of the day for me though was All Shall Perish. I was really looking forward to them, but it just seemed kind of bland. Too many breakdowns in one day. Especially combined with the heat, which was a grueling combo. Godsmack were pretty good, but Disturbed was disappointing. The sound was awful for them and there really wasn't much in terms of energy.
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