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Animals as Leaders -- Atlanta, GA -- July 27th, 2011

City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Venue: Masquerade
Date: July 27, 2010
Tour: Animals As Leaders Headline Tour

Evan Brewer was a great start to this show and he played just as amazing as his cd. His contribution on the new The Faceless will be very interesting and i'm excited to hear what he does.

Evan Brewer

A Climate for Change

This band had a big step up from their stint with Atheist in March. They sounded terrible at that show (probably because of the mixing). This time they were better and fit into this progressive line-up of the night even though they had their death metal inspired moments.

Last Chance to Reason

Coded to Fail
Taking Control
Temp Files
The Prototype

Dead Letter Circus were a good mix up after LC2R and had a higher vocal range and made the show a little better because of the shift. These Aussies put on a good show and have pretty good music.

Dead Letter Circus

The Mile
One Step
Here We Divide
Space on the Wall
Next in Line

Intronaut was band i've been told to listen but never got a chance before the show. They were an exceptional introduction to AAL and had a heavy prog band and were probably the second best of the night. This band will be a research project for me soon.


The Literal Black Cloud
Core Relations

A year to the day since SS '10 I finally get to see Animals as Leaders again. This band has some of the most dark and beautiful music I have ever heard in my years of listening to metal. This band had the biggest crowd in Hell I have ever been a part of at the Masquerade. No doubt they will be back and get to use the Heaven stage to accommodate all the people showing up.

Animals as Leaders

Point to Point
Wave of Babies
Song of Solomon
Tempting Time
Javier Reyes Solo
New Song
On Impulse
Tosin Solo
Thoroughly at Home

Link to Photos of the Show

Evan Brewer 8/10
Last Chance to Reason 6/10
Dead Letter Circus 6/10
Intronaut 8/10
Animals as Leaders 10/10
11/28 Mayhem/Watain
12/8 All That Remains
12/11 Goatwhore
01/05 Venom Inc
01/10 Nile
01/19 Lamb of God

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