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Acheron -- Urbana, IL -- July 22nd, 2011

Here's Acheron's setlist from when I saw them this past Friday in Urbana, Illinois

Cardiac Arrest:
Insanity's Grip
Beyond Trauma
Rage On, Fuck Off!
The Blade That Reaps
Vortex of Violence
Depths of Despair
Embrace the Aftermath
To Their Graves

The Apocalypse
Thou Art Lord
Blessed by Damnation
Power and Might
Church of One
Unholy Praises
Blood Oath
Fuck the Ways of Christ
I am Heathen
Legions of Hatred
Godless (We Are Gods!)

Ave Satanas
Lifeforce (The Blood)
8/8 - Summer Slaughter
8/20 - American Carnage
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