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Summer Slaughter -- Seattle, WA -- July 26th, 2011


Breeding Violence
Darkest Day of Man
Reprogrammed to Hate
End of Flesh
Unnerving (?)
Vicer Exciser
Death Becomes Him
Eternal Refuge
This is Exile

Dying Fetus

Homicidal Retribution
One Shot, One Kill
Shepard's of Commandment
Descend into Depravity
Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses)
Your Treachery Will Die With You
Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog

These are the only sets I have that either haven't been posted yet or in Dying Fetus' case, the set changed slightly. All other sets are either the same, or I don't know what the band played.

I don't really feel like reviewing the show, so I'll just give my ratings for each band.

Within the Ruins: 2/10 (Really? People voted for this over Revocation?)
Fleshgod Apocalypse: 10/10
Oceano: 0/10 (Right up there with Annotations of an Autopsy for worst band I've ever seen )
As Blood Runs Black: 2/10
Powerglove: 7/10
Dying Fetus: 9/10
Six Feet Under: 4/10 (Chris Barnes' vocals are fucking awful)
Darkest Hour: 7/10
Whitechapel: 7/10
The Black Dahlia Murder: 8/10

There were a lot of shitty bands to sit through this year, but luckily the good bands were well worth the cost of admission. Although, I can't get the sound of generic breakdowns out of my head...

Oh, and one other thing; I was talking with the Fleshgod guys after their performance and they confirmed that they will in fact be touring the states again this Fall with Decapitated and Decrepit Birth

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