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Thumbs down Judas Priest -- Detroit MI -- June 4th, 2005

TOUR: Judas Priest - Reunited
SUPPORT: Queensryche
VENUE: DTE -- Detroit, MI
DATE: June 4, 2005
REVIEWED: June 5, 2005

Well I'm back early then expected from last night's Priest concert...

We left plenty early for the show and made great time most of the way there. Until we got within about 5 miles of the show and traffic on I-75 ground to a halt. I was unaware of the fact they were moving the three lane road down to one. Needless to say, it took about half an hour to make it the last few miles. We sat down during the second half of "NM 156" having heard most of "Neue Regel" as we were walking in. I was really disappointed we missed a few songs, but life goes on.

I know I come off as the Queensryche fan boy here, and it's weird that happens. I've been listening to Priest longer then Queensryche, and I honestly don't have a bias to either bands, just check my last year's Ozzfest review for proof of that. But besides that point, I know most people on here have had a very different experience with Queensryche then I have, and I'm not sure why that is.

We saw Queensryche for 50 minutes, and during that time, they put on a fantastic show. No doubt about it. Just song into song, with some friendly banter in between. The crowd was into it, and so was the band. They looked happy to be there, and the playing was very tight. I was afraid to hear songs like "Walk in the Shadows" because they came off so bad on 2001's Live Evolution, but they were all stellar last night. My only complaint is that Mike Stone doesn't handle some of the DeGarmo solos very well. Overall, Queensryche put on a great set. Absolutely no frills. No backdrop, lights, nothin', just them and their music. It was a huge let down to see them get off stage so quick. Their set, at least from “Neue Regel” on was the same as other shows.

As far as the new song, it was a bit spotty. The mix was kind of poor during it, so I couldn't understand a lot of the words. There was some very cool guitar work during it though, and it was nice and heavy. I'm going to have to withhold judgment until I can hear it on an album though. It seemed very out of place in their set.

Before launching into the two Tribe songs of the night (which were, again, fantastic) Tate spoke for about a minute about how great the freedoms are we have as Americans. This was met with much grumbling and some “fuck off’s”. I consider most of my political views conservative, and I know Queensryche is quite typically liberal, but to just scuff at them for celebrating our freedom as Americans is ridiculous. It was a real downer to hear the crowd do that.

Judas Priest came on at 9:00 PM sharp. They opened with a particularly slow rendition of "Electric Eye". Halford didn't move an inch until the solo, and that was only to head over to another platform (he started about every song by rising up on the platform). In fact, most of the band didn't move at all. Not until "Metal Gods", when Halford does that ridiculous walk. The band was playing really sluggish and did not seem to be into it one bit. About half way through "Riding on the Wind" I was ready to leave. Halford still hadn't freaking moved. He looked like he was ready to be done the minute they started.

Hey, I know you guys are old, but I still pay money to see you actually give a concert you care about. If I've ever seen "phoning it in" it was done by Priest tonight. It was absolutely pathetic. In fact, it was downright embarrassing. They were mostly playing songs they played less then a year ago at Ozzfest anyways, what's so hard about them? They literally moved around the stage about as much as any given rock at Stonehenge has moved in its entire span of existence. And they looked absolutely ridiculous. There must have been enough leather on stage to upholster several cars.

I'm sorry, but I can with honesty say that tonight's Priest concert was the worst concert I have ever experienced. And I say this as someone who really enjoyed their show at Ozzfest last summer. We left after a mere 27 minutes, while Priest were busy making "Revolution" suck more live then it did in the studio (yeah, Halford had to sing this one like an octave lower. Just ridiculous, it's not even that high to begin with. It sounded terrible.)

I know I'll get bashed for what I'm saying about Priest, but it's the truth. From the Teleprompters, to the lack of movement, to the sluggish songs, it was just terrible. I especially liked how during "Judas Rising" Rob stood there motionless… as his screams were tracked through the PA. The only thing lamer then that was the ridiculous random-word fest that the lyrics to that song are.

These guys either need to retire, or give me a god damn refund.

On a more positive note, their acoustic rendition of “Worth Fighting For” we heard on the radio on the way to the show was pretty damn good. Too bad that would be the best thing they did, and we hadn’t even made it out of the car yet.
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